Sunday, October 20, 2013

Roof in Progress...

Our tearoff went fine and I was able to confirm with the roofer that, YES, we did have full ice and water shield under that 8-year old, 30 year architectural shingle roof that leaked in about 8 places.  So that should be a lesson to anyone with a house with 2/12 pitch.  DO NOT SHINGLE YOUR ROOF.  Don't be mislead by a roofer that says its fine to shingle a house at that pitch with full ice and water shield.  Guess what--it isn't fine.  Water is insidious and WILL find a way to get through all of those nail holes in time.  Trust me--it happened to us.

The roofers re-flashed all of the flashing and installed the new ice and water shield.  Then we had about a week's delay before installing the metal.  The standing seam metal we are using is for low-slopes, so the seam is higher and there is a special machine that is used to seal the seam of the panels together.  The machine was in use at another job and my roofer got the run around on when it would be available from the metal roof distributor.  So they finally started to install the metal on Thursday.  This is what the house looks like after a few days of metal work.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And so it begins...

My new roof is under construction!

Tear-off began last Thursday.  I was actually in Ireland on business, so I didn't witness it, but my husband said that they found full ice and water shield under the shingles.  If that is true for the entire roof, then it further confirms my feelings that you shouldn't put shingles, even with full ice and water shield, on a roof pitch this low. 

We had a couple of days of rain, so tearoff continued today and the NEW Carlisle WIP 300 HT ice and water shield was put on the roof.

New ice and water shield.

I tried to take conference calls from home this morning so I could see what was going on but it was so loud in my office--it sounded like elephants were walking on the roof!  And the banging...not for the faint of heart.  So I went into the office.  Before I left, though, I took some pictures.

This is what our place looked like today while the tearoff was going on.

And here is what it looks like tonight after work. (They left their truck in our driveway....its ok, it's a big driveway.)

Roof with ice and water shield.

The coolest part about today was seeing how they make the metal roofing on-site. Using this machine:

Metal Roof Machine

But that is the subject of the next post...sorry to keep you in suspense...:-)

On tomorrow's agenda is the installation of our ISO board on our cathedral ceiling great room.

Yay for more insulation!

  And they will be starting to put the metal roof on tomorrow, too!