Roof in Progress...

Our tearoff went fine and I was able to confirm with the roofer that, YES, we did have full ice and water shield under that 8-year old, 30 year architectural shingle roof that leaked in about 8 places.  So that should be a lesson to anyone with a house with 2/12 pitch.  DO NOT SHINGLE YOUR ROOF.  Don't be mislead by a roofer that says its fine to shingle a house at that pitch with full ice and water shield.  Guess what--it isn't fine.  Water is insidious and WILL find a way to get through all of those nail holes in time.  Trust me--it happened to us.

The roofers re-flashed all of the flashing and installed the new ice and water shield.  Then we had about a week's delay before installing the metal.  The standing seam metal we are using is for low-slopes, so the seam is higher and there is a special machine that is used to seal the seam of the panels together.  The machine was in use at another job and my roofer got the run around on when it would be available from the metal roof distributor.  So they finally started to install the metal on Thursday.  This is what the house looks like after a few days of metal work.


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    1. Thanks! I got them on the Internet., I think.

  2. Our 1957 MCM house has a metal roof. You're going to love the sound when it rains!

  3. “…full ice and water shield under that 8-year old, 30 year architectural shingle roof that leaked in about 8 places.” – With a roof like this, it’s really a wise decision to replace it all. And metal roof is a practical choice. Its durability guarantees you that it can last up to 50 years or more. Sweet, right?

    Nelson @ Royal Roofing & Siding

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  6. Rather sleek to say the least. It's really amazing to see the subtle tweaks that metal roofing can bring, where it just reins in the general framing and profile of the houses into a consistent visual flow. Hopefully, those add-ons can pull through amid the inevitable strains of tricky weather.

    Toby @ Tittle Brothers Construction

  7. I agree with Toby. Add-ons can boost the curb appeal of your home, yet they should be properly installed to endure severe weather conditions. Months have passed now, and I hope you'll do regular maintenance on your roof. It's better to prevent damage than have to deal with bigger repair jobs, right? :)

    Rob Phelan @ MACOfVAandMD

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