And so it begins...

My new roof is under construction!

Tear-off began last Thursday.  I was actually in Ireland on business, so I didn't witness it, but my husband said that they found full ice and water shield under the shingles.  If that is true for the entire roof, then it further confirms my feelings that you shouldn't put shingles, even with full ice and water shield, on a roof pitch this low. 

We had a couple of days of rain, so tearoff continued today and the NEW Carlisle WIP 300 HT ice and water shield was put on the roof.

New ice and water shield.

I tried to take conference calls from home this morning so I could see what was going on but it was so loud in my office--it sounded like elephants were walking on the roof!  And the banging...not for the faint of heart.  So I went into the office.  Before I left, though, I took some pictures.

This is what our place looked like today while the tearoff was going on.

And here is what it looks like tonight after work. (They left their truck in our driveway....its ok, it's a big driveway.)

Roof with ice and water shield.

The coolest part about today was seeing how they make the metal roofing on-site. Using this machine:

Metal Roof Machine

But that is the subject of the next post...sorry to keep you in suspense...:-)

On tomorrow's agenda is the installation of our ISO board on our cathedral ceiling great room.

Yay for more insulation!

  And they will be starting to put the metal roof on tomorrow, too!


  1. Watch out for roofing nails! Make sure they use a magnet to pick them up.

  2. How you figured you could make calls while all that was going on, I'll never understand. Haha! Anyway, I'm glad that you finally dealt with those problematic shingles. How's the metal work going by the way?

  3. Congratulations on your new roof! Having a new roof is always a good news in my opinion. The roof is our house primary level of protection, so it’s really wise to invest on it. – Tamara @

  4. I stumbled across your blog while researching roofing options for our mid-century modern house with a low sloped roof. I'm curious how the metal is working out? I've read the downsize is the noise and damage for things like tree branches and hail. I love the way the metal looks, but I'm not sure about the longevity. I'm wondering what you think now that you've had it for a bit! Thanks!

    1. Hi Heather--our roof has been complete for a couple of months now and I can say I really like it. I had heard that they are noisy and I would say that it depends how much insulation you have in your roof. We updated our insulation in our house and they really aren't very noisy. I think it's a different sound than the old roof, but it's quite soothing and not objectionable I love the way it looks--it's really stunning. (I will post after pictures to the blog soon). We live in upstate new york and I will say that the snow slides off the roof in little mini avalanches so we are looking into snow guards now. It seems to only happen if we get a good snowfall and then a really warm sunny day afterwards. Really, that has been the only downside to metal that I can tell so far. Not sure if snow is a concern where you live.

  5. Thanks for your quick response! (and sorry for my typos, horrible!) Such a big decision to make, but I really love the look of your metal roof. Great choice and great color!

  6. I think shingles are still advisable. But the homeowner should be responsible enough in maintaining their roof, especially when it's been installed for 20 years and so. Anyway, I love your new roof! It's nice to see that they're properly installed and I'm sure you'll be enjoying the new ones for the decades to come. Hehe! Thanks for the share! Happy holidays! :)

    Terry Gonzales @

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