Monday, December 16, 2013

Finished Metal Roof Pictures (and more metal in my life)

I took a bit longer-than-expected blogging break.  I had intended to post the final pictures of our metal roof sooner but I am actually recovering from a hip replacement.  I'm young-ish, but I have hip dysplasia, and it took a big toll on one of my hips.  In the past year, my ability to function was so severely impaired, and a hip replacement was the only option.  I thought about starting a blog for my hip replacement because I have lots to say on that subject, but I decided not to.  I will just say that I'm glad to be in recovery mode now but I still have a long way to go before I am "recovered"and I can get back to work on DIY projects.  Hopefully my recovery will be significantly improved by the spring.

So onto the other metal in my life--the roof.  Our roof took a while to finish because the company was working on a local green addition to a school simultaneously, but it's done and it's gorgeous.  Here are some pictures from different angles. (And no, I wasn't on the roof!  That was hubby's job.)

BEFORE PICTURE:  Can you believe this? This is the original flashing around our chimney.  Completely corroded.  I find it really hard to believe that the roofers didn't think to replace this when our roof was done 8 years ago!  To quote Holmes on Homes, "Unbelievable!"

A close-up of our non-existing flashing. This was completely redone with the new roof, obviously.

And here is our gorgeous new roof!  The color is "Burnished Slate" which coordinates nicely with the stone fireplace, stone planters, stone patio, and stone walkways around our house.  This is a view of the side of our house.  This is also the view that is most visible from the road.

Here is a little closer view...(hard to take these pics from the ground.)

 Here is a picture of part of the front of our house.  That piece of metal hanging out of the gutter is an old leaf guard.

 My husband got up on the roof to show me what was going on up there.  Note the new flashing around the chimney.  The roofing guys took a masonry saw and adhered the flashing into the stone. 

 Here's another view of the metal work.  This is a ridge vent.

Below is a picture of the the backside of the chimney. It's built up to divert the rain and snow from hitting the chimney and causing leaks.  It was built that way from the beginning.  (Of course the old flashing was completely corroded so it didn't help from causing leaks.)

 This little window is in the upper corner of our great room.

More views of where some of the roof planes meet.  Sorry about the glare.  It is really hard to get good pictures of a metal roof.

So far, we are really happy we put this roof on.  Some people have asked me questions about it so I'll try to put together an FAQ post at some point for folks who are interested in this type of roofing.