Brushing off the Blog with The House Next Door

Things have been moving along nicely at Modchester and I wanted to get back to my blog.  Things have been really busy the past year and it’s mostly because of this guy:

He’s a goldendoodle.  His name is Stanley.  His birth-Daddy was 100% standard poodle and his birth-Mommy was ½ standard poodle and ½ golden retriever.  He is now a happy, happy 9 month old bundle of furry joy.   He has quickly become the love of our lives—at least for me and my daughter.  I think my husband is a little less in love with Stan than we are—but he’s just not as much of a “dog person”.   

Stanley pretends to be a tough guy sometimes, especially with the deer that come into our yard, but he’s really just a big teddy bear.  He is sometimes naughty and it can get frustrating—he surfs the counters for food and he has eaten 3 pairs of sunglasses so far.   It’s pretty much like having a toddler with endless energy.

I never thought I’d be the type of person to put clothes on my dog or send them to doggie daycare but I’m finding myself doing both.  He loves wearing his football jersey and doggie daycare provides lots of socialization and tires him out on days when I don’t have time to give him a long walk.  A tired dog is a good dog.  My husband said recently as Stanley was lounging on all of the pillows on the sofa, “Well, he certainly wouldn’t survive in the wild.”  Yep…that pretty much sums him up.  And we love spoiling him.  Stan will probably appear a little bit on the blog in the upcoming months since he is my shadow and never far away from where I’m taking pictures.

Anyway, back to the house stuff.  We have actually been steadily working on things which I’ll reveal soon.  But first I wanted to show a beautiful piece of mid-century architecture that happens to be the house next door. It was built in 1964, the year before ours, and designed by architect James Johnson.  I’m planning to do a separate post on James Johnson because he should have an entire post of his own.  He recently passed at the age of 83, and he left behind an architecturally significant body of work.  With its cantilevered roof, low profile, and prominent fireplaces, this house was very inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Our neighbors recently sold it after living there and renovating it over the past 20 years.   It was a labor of love for them and I’m sure it was a bit difficult to sell but they both retired and decided to downsize a bit.  While some of the design choices are a bit too traditional for my taste, it is a beautiful space.  I guess there were some others that thought so too because there was a lot of interest and it sold in one day at a high price.  

Enjoy the eye candy.


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