Happy New Year! Master Bedroom Redo (again)

Happy New Year!  I cannot believe it's been so long since I've posted.  I had to take a bit of a break last year but I'm back and I hope to post a bit more often again.

I've been working on our bedroom this year, very slowly, but I think it's close to being done.  I really like the point it is at but I think it probably needs a few more finishing touches...in time.  But to refresh your memory, here is what our bedroom looked like when we first toured our home:

Master Bedroom (BEFORE).  Awesome retro bedroom.  Love the twin beds and tailored bedspreads!!

The room is challenging as everything is asymmetrical.  The window placement is asymmetrical and the ceiling is vaulted going from 8 feet on side of the room to about 12 feet on the other side of the room.  Asymmetry was a hallmark of mid-century modern design but it sure is harder to decorate around than symmetrical rooms.  

This is actually the third time we've repainted this room in 4 1/2 years.  I know.  Good thing we do our own painting.  The first time it was a mint green color--good intentions but bad execution.  The second time it was a beautiful gray color.  It was a nice color but it didn't really work well with our rug and furnishings.  So this time we went very neutral.

I normally love color but I needed something a bit more subdued in my bedroom.  The feeling I was going for was serene, modern, organic, collected, and peaceful. I feel like I've accomplished it.

The only new things in this room are the large botanical print and the bed frame.  Everything else is either from our previous home or we purchased when we first moved into this house.  I've been able to incorporate a few very sentimental items as well. 

Our beautiful Paul McCobb dresser.  We purchased this at a local antique store when we first moved into our home.  The pulls are brass and could use a bit of polish.  The print was purchased at the Evolution Store in NYC and framed locally.  It's a vintage German botanical plate.  It's huge and makes a great statement in the room.  Room and Board sells the same one and it is on sale right now.  It's a great deal--cost us more to buy and frame this than the sale price.

This tray belonged to my great grandmother.  The vase is from West Elm.

A picture from our wedding:-)
The duvet is from Dwell Studio.  I purchased this YEARS ago when it first came out and I've never found another duvet I've loved as much as this one.

Another view of our bed.
In-suite bathroom; 6 foot closets on either side.  Bathroom is original and we love it.  Tile is in perfect condition.

Little seating area in the room.  Overlooks our back yard.

Jewelry box made for me by my father when I turned 16.


  1. I totally want to see that bathroom setup with the original tile, too!

    Our bedrooms all use a very light green, and we used a grey\taupe for the middle level of our house (kitchen\dining\living.)

    Looks great!

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  3. Replies
    1. Hey Doug! Things are good here. Clearly, I need to dust off the blog! I hope you are well.


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