Kitchen Updates--Part 2

Our kitchen had these incredibly heavy drapes that when closed covered both walls of the eating area of our kitchen.  There was another set above the sink but I had removed them a while back because I didn't like how they would get in the way when I was trying to access the switch for the garbage disposal.  They were stained from grubby dish-hands and felt unclean.  Here are pictures of our kitchen drapes open, and closed.
Our drapes when they were open.

We had walls of drapery when they were closed.

Close-up of fabric.

These drapes were pinch pleated (triple pleats) and I cannot imagine how much fabric it must have taken to make these.  The fabric was a nice imported linen--very high quality--although they were faded a bit at the edges on the east-facing windows.

I had mixed feelings about the drapes and we lived with them for 2 1/2 years before deciding to take them down.  I grew to feel that heavy drapery really doesn't belong in a kitchen any more than carpet belongs in a bathroom.  Ultimately, I wanted something that felt less "heavy" and showed off our beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows more in our breakfast area.  I saved the drapes and I will either use them somewhere else, give them away, or use the fabric for another project in the house.  Although I took them down, I really feel strongly about the love and work that went into choosing them for this kitchen.  It hearkens back to a time where people really, truly cared about their homes and I greatly appreciate that.  But my tastes are a bit cleaner and less fussy than that for the kitchen.

Here is a picture with the drapes taken down.  The kitchen feels so much bigger now--it's amazing.  I like it much better!

We started stripping the wallpaper--subject of another post.

At first I thought I would miss the softness of the fabric--and I do a little bit.  But I just love the unobstructed window views.  We need a bit of light control as our kitchen faces due east, so we will likely put something cleaner up--like shades--in the spring/summer.  I'm trying to decide if I want a contemporary solar shade, or a roman blind, or a Hunter Douglas luminette shade.  Shades are very pricey so I don't want to change them for a very long time.  What would you choose?