Some fun and retro finds from CB2

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been traveling a lot lately for work.  So although the renovations at home have slowed since I've been gone so much, I get to spend a little time checking out fun things from stores we don't have in Rochester. 

First up:   CB2

I went to CB2 in Atlanta.  I have never been to a CB2 before and I was very impressed with the quality for the price.   The designs were very fresh and fun.  Here are a few things that I thought were especially nice in person.

These chairs were very, very comfortable.  Actually, who cares about comfort when they would look so great on a retro patio!  Or use them to add a dash of retro to a modern patio.  They are even ON SALE right now! 

A fun chair on sale for $229

And this chair is on sale for $199.  I like this one even better!

So along the lines of "I like how it looks" is this sculpture:   I liked it so much that I came home and ordered it.

A modernist sculpture.  At $59.95, it's a bargain.
Another thing I came home and ordered were 4 of these Breuer-style chairs.  They were extremely comfortable. Full disclosure:  my husband cares WAY MORE than I do about how comfortable a chair is. But for those of you who value function over form, I can honestly vouch that they were very comfortable.  They even bounce a little when you sit on them.  There is no padding under the upholstery and it seemed pretty durable.  I thought it would be fairly easy to clean.  I ordered them for our old kitchen table before I found the reproduction Saarinen set on Craigslist.  They are back-ordered and haven't arrived yet but I may keep them and pair them with the tulip table.  If so, I'll use the tulip chairs in another room where they won't be used every day.  We'll see...

These chairs were really beautiful in person.  And very comfortable.

These tulip table lamps were only $59.95 and they would look great in a mid-century bedroom.

tulip lamp

And I was seriously impressed with the size and stability of this arc lamp.  At $199, it's a total steal. 

Floor lamp

So those are some fun and fresh finds from CB2 that seemed particularly nice for the price.   Some more of them may even end up in my house:-)