Making a Terrarium

Have you noticed the popularity of Terrariums lately?  They seem to be everywhere--even West Elm is carrying terrariums these days.  My 11-year old daughter and I are usually on the hunt for something fun to do together so we thought we would make a terrarium.  It just so happened that a local nursery (Grossmans) was having terrarium workshops.  For $7 + plant and vessel costs, you could make a terrarium.  So we signed up.

Here is our terrarium.  Notice the cute little bird bath with a frog in it?  That's my daughter's favorite part.

We layered the following:

about 1" charcoal
about 2" rocks
about 3" soil

Then we added the plants.  We used very small plants in the terrarium.  (A mini ivy, a kalanchoe, baby's tears, and a coleus).  We had to divide up the baby's tears pot into a bunch of smaller plants to use in the terrarium.  Lastly, we added the mini bird feeder.

After those layers, we watered it just enough to wet the top 1-1 1/2 inches.  The lady running the workshop said that you only needed to water it every 2-3 weeks.  We ended up buying the vessel at Joann's--I really liked the modern look of it.  I was glad we purchased it ahead of time because the ones at Grossmans looked like they were from Pottery Barn--not modern enough for our tastes.

Little did we know that there was a reporter for the local newspaper at the event and we were featured in the newspaper a short while later!  There is our terrarium in the Saturday edition.  Pretty fun:-)


  1. Lucky on the newspaper feature. I made terrariums when I was a young girl in the 70's. Seriously. So terrariums are another trend from the 70's. Stunning.

    1. Thanks for vising my blog, Rebecca! I remember them from the 70's as well...along with my mother's macrame' plant hangers:-)


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