I'm a sucker for sparkly retro things.

Cool, mid-century vintage stuff isn't the easiest to find around here.  There are other parts of the country where it's much more common.  But once in a while you see something good.  So when a friend tipped me off about an estate sale at this house, it sounded promising!

Estate sales around here start on Fridays so usually all the good stuff is snatched up by dealers by the time I can get there on a Saturday. But this time I found one cool thing--and it was 1/2 price by then--bonus!

One is this atomic/retro serving tray.  It's clear, pinkish, iridescent glass with raised gold atomic starbursts.  It's about 18" x 18"-- pretty large.  It is kind of glamorous in a way and I loved it.  It kind of blended into a glass coffee table so that's the reason why it was still available, I think.  At $6, I think it was a bargain.

The second was a lamp that came from the same house but I actually found it at a dealer that I know.  It's kind of 70's glam with a giant shade. The lamp is 43" high and the shade is 18" high and 19" in diameter.  The base is both matte and polished chrome. The shade cleaned up pretty well with a bit of windex.  It's actually made of a very thin plastic material.  I may decide to replace it someday but for now, it's great.

It fits nicely on my Broyhill Brasilia console.

You can see my blurry image in the top!

So those are my latest finds.  I can't wait until the weather warms up so I can hit more sales!


  1. Nice score for 6 bucks!! I love those atomic starbursts, too! Here in the Bay Area, mcm is so SUPER trendy and prices are outrageous. It can be very hard to find a bargain.


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