What home means to me.

I love being at home.  I've traveled all over the world for both work and pleasure and I've enjoyed that immensely, but the older I get I realize I really love just being at home. 

Home is where our family plays, eats together, enjoys each other's company.  Although our house is large, and can accommodate separate space when required for studying or reading, our children usually like to spend time together.  We all love to hang out in our "retro basement" and play pool, or watch movies, do puzzles, or play board games.

  Creating a beautiful place for my family to live gives me such joy.  Last weekend, my daughter had a sleepover with 3 of her friends (ages 10-11).  When they all arrived, she gave them all a "tour" of the house.  I was a little surprised that she did that, but as I listened in from a distance, I realized that I had instilled a love of home in her as well.  She was so proud of all the things in the house and all of the work her mommy had done in the house, that she pointed it all out to her friends. She did it in such a cute and charming way and they were so excited to be led on a "tour".

My biggest wish is that our home environment helps to create a warm, nurturing environment for our children that they remember fondly someday when they look back on their childhood.  I hope they develop a love of history and architecture, a DIY spirit (especially for the girls),  and a sense of pride in the homes they choose to live in as adults.