Houzz Adventures

For those of you not familiar with the site houzz.com—it’s an amazing site with lots of décor inspiration.   It has pictures of décor for any style and it allows you to interact with other decorating enthusiasts and professionals in the “Discussions” area.  A few weeks ago, I posted my kitchen to the site here looking for feedback on how to update it without breaking the bank.  I could not believe the response I got—90+ responses! 

The most interesting thing was the variety of feedback that I received.  Some preservationist-minded people said things like “I love your kitchen the way it is—don’t change a thing!” and others suggested improvements like crown molding and generic granite countertops that sounded a bit more like they belonged in more of a suburban tract house.  The trick was weeding through the comments to find the gems—of which there were many.
Most people agreed that we need to lose our curtains and probably upgrade the counters and light fixture over the table.  Most people also agreed that we should update our dining set to more of a mid-century style as well. Our dining set was purchased at Stickley so it’s a bit hard to let go of such high-quality furniture.  Hopefully we’ll be able to replace it with my dream Saarinen table and a set of Danish Modern chairs in a few years.

So stay tuned to see the evolution of our kitchen—there will be lots of change to come!