Blast from the Past: August 2011--Painting the entire house—warning, do not try this at home

Last summer (2011) we painted the entire house.   I honestly cannot believe that I just wrote that because this was not a project I think I ever want to do again.  Dex and I each took off one week of vacation and Dad came up.  When I say “we painted the entire house”, I mean we:
-stripped, sanded, reglazed, primed and painted 60+ windows (exterior side)
-caulked, primed (where necessary) and painted the entire house (2700 square feet upstairs with cathedral ceilings and a walkout basement.  We needed a 35’ extension ladder to reach the top of the back of the house)
-repaired more rotten wooden siding on the screen porch
-stained huge soffits over 35’ in the air
It took us 9 days working from sun up to sun down (and sometimes past sun down).  We went through 35+ GALLONS OF PAINT!  The good news is that the house looks absolutely beautiful.  Our neighbors said that house hasn’t looked this good in 20 years.  Yay for us!
East Side of the House

South side of house (new stairs, too!)

Close up of South side of house--this side needed the most help