Screen Porch--Part 2

Many of you may have spend Memorial Day going to the beach, BBQ-ing with friends, or just relaxing…but not us!  Oh, no…we spent 1 glorious week continuing with the renovations of our screen porch.  And by “we”, I mean Dad, Dex and I.  A huge thanks to my DAD—he’s the project manager and brains behind the renovation.  He also brought up all of his tools from Pennsylvania here to make this renovation a reality on a budget.  We could have never done this without him.  Here’s a short list of what we had to do:
-pressure wash all surfaces
-stain the ceiling
-stain the siding
-repaint the window to the house that exists in the screen porch
-install new screening
-install new cedar trim (inside and outside the screen porch)
-stain all new cedar trim
-install new screen door, header, and trim

Setting up scaffolding
new screens are in; now installing new cedar (Dad and Dex)

New cedar trim, new door

Freshly painted (by me and Dex)

Thousands of finishing nails and gallons of stain later, here’s what we have!  A beautiful finished screen porch!!
View from living room

Except for the outside stairs.

rotten stairs

They started to give way from all of the use during the renovation.  So they were ripped down when we finished the porch.  Holy rotten wood—the stringers were completely rotten.
Next step—new porch stairs!!