sometimes less is more

The incredible amount of rain we’ve had this spring has made our landscape green and lush—and overgrown!  Mix years of landscape neglect with 15 inches of rain and it’s prime breeding ground for weeds threatening to take over the flower beds.  
We have a big stone planter box along the front covered porch that had shrubbery that had seen much better days.  Not only were the shrubs woody and sad-looking, they blocked any kind of view of the front door for visitors.  Dex (hubby) spent one rainy Sunday this spring ripping out shrubs so we could re-plant in the box.  I’m not sure what we’ll do long-term, but for now, I few different kinds of flowering annuals fit the bill.  Since it’s a pretty shady area, we looked for shade-plants like Coleus, impatiens, and salvia (I think).  Never heard of Salvia before the Miley Cyrus debacle!  Now Now we can actually see the front door!  And in a few weeks, the flowers should grow pretty big and add some nice  color to the front entryway.

ripping out overgrown shrubbery

These shrubs were pretty sad looking.

Planting new flowers.  You can see the front door again!
I took off last Friday to get a head start on weeding—and boy did we need  it.  It actually cleared up on Friday to be a beautiful day…and I took full advantage of it.  I started out by clearing out the leaves and dead vines from the ivy that runs along both sides of the walkway along the east side of the house.  I’m not a big fan of the stuff, and it doesn’t appear to be the healthiest, so I do think it will be replaced at some future point.  But for now, it’s staying.  As I was clearing out leaves, I noticed what looked like a piece of bluestone under a bunch of the ivy.  I lifted up the vines and found a beautiful bluestone wall! Who knows how long this had  been covered?!  It’s the little things that make me happy—I tell ya!

Overgrown ivy along the side of the house. (Before)

Finding a wall we never knew was there (After)