Closing week chaos

Closing week went something like this:  work, pack, work, pack, work, pack, find more boxes, work, pack, pack, pack, find more boxes, pack, pack, find more boxes, pack, take care of your kid, and control your mixed feelings/mental breakdowns about moving all at the same time. 
Night before close:  pick up u-haul, final walk-through with new owners of old house; pack up u-haul with boxes until 1:00 AM
Day of close:   Final walk-through of new house, hubby waits for movers to show up, go close on new house, then go back to old house where movers have arrived to destroy your furniture and walls while working as slow as molasses.  Then you go to the new house and help direct the movers while hubby unloads an entire uhaul of boxes by himself.  Movers are still moving furniture.  Hubby takes uhaul back so we don’t have to pay for another day but has no one to pick him up because movers are STILL moving furniture.  10 hours after they started, movers are done.  Moving company supervisor cannot do math so you have to figure the bill out for him.  Go pick up hubby where he has been waiting for the past 2-3 hours, go clean old house as best you can in the dark, and then go back to the disaster that awaits in the new house.
10:00pm:  Make yourselves look as presentable as possible and then go to the neighborhood party that is going on that night because everyone is excited to meet you!
Final step of the week before collapsing from sheer exhaustion:  Make a good impression by drinking way too many cocktails with your new neighbors.  After all…you can do this because you can WALK home!!