I decided to make a page to catalog all of the projects we have tackled since moving into this house in 2010.  I thought it would be a nice resource for others who may be interested in renovating their own home.  Looking at this page has the added benefit of making me feel very productive--and tired.

Painting (and repainting) every room in the house.  Sometimes there's wallpaper stripping mixed in just for fun:
Rebuilding the screen porch:  Screen Porch--Part 1, Screen Porch--Part 2
Leveling the Patio
Painting the exterior of the house
Kitchen mini-renovation. Asking for advice on, Part 1--New Counters, Part 2: removing wall to wall drapes, Part 3--installing new cooktop, Part 4--Kitchen Hood
Butler's pantry re-do.
Deciding to install a metal roof
Landscape:  Front Planter Box and Side Beds
Replacing the siding on one side of our house
Making my own art